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DDRM is a veteran real estate developer with a portfolio of more than $2 billion in projects. This portfolio includes over 5,000 hotel rooms, with brands ranging from Hilton to St. Regis, plus millions of square feet of residential, retail, and commercial space.

With headquarters in St. George, Utah, DDRM has established an unusually successful track record over the last three decades on more than thirty projects. Key development parameters include effective brand development, accessible locations, intriguing and eco-conscious design, and the provision of an uncommon level of experience, amenities and service. Guided by experience, research, and a detailed set of design and development principles that have been tested and refined over many years to maximize the guest experience, DDRM produces projects that create a distinct sense of place. This strategy, plus the effective use of multiple brands in a location, optimizes the experience for customers and the real estate values for buyers and owners.