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Guiding Development Principles

The design of DDRM projects whether hotels or master planned villages or communities, focuses on creating a setting that conveys a "sense of community" within the context of its natural surroundings. Even when people are seeking privacy and sanctuary they respond to the "community." This design objective encompasses creating a place where people want to "see and be seen." DDRM’s Guiding Development Principles have been tested and refined over the years to accomplish this critical objective.

Principle 1

Give the Guest/Resident Lots of Choices

For master planned villages one hotel by itself will not be as effective as a cluster of hospitality and residential products.

Principle 2

Provide Seamless Linkages and Connections

Principle 3

People Love to Discover but Hate to Explore

Principle 4

Guests Must Have the Opportunity for Different Experiences Each Visit

Principle 5

Access for Pedestrians and Vehicles Should Be Safe, Simple and Convenient

Principle 6

Parking is Everything – It Must Be Adequate, Simple and Convenient

Principle 7

Tell the ‘Story’ and Then Let the Guests Live It!

Principle 8

Provide Experiences for Residents and Visitors Alike

Principle 9

Abide by the 2,400 Foot Rule

Principle 10

Provide Uncommon or Unique Goods & Services and Provide Common Goods & Services in an Uncommon or Unique Way

Principle 11

The Little Things Make a Big Difference

Principle 12

Use Eco-Conscious Design Elements

Our Commitment

As part of the design principles, DDRM has a “Department of Cool Stuff” (See Principles 3, 7, and 11.) In the DCS, company staff members are constantly searching for new and interesting products, materials, ideas and other items that will invoke conversation and create the differentiating design elements of our projects. An example of a source of inspiration is Fashion Runway Shows which are chronicled and story-boarded to help guide the material, texture, and color decisions for interiors and operational fabrics, supplies and equipment. DDRM’s commitment to design and create truly desirable places is relentless in all of our Projects. In addition to our staff, the consultants engaged in DDRM Projects are indoctrinated to the importance of these objectives. The end result is a Project that esthetically fits with the location, captivates the imagination, and creates a natural magnetism that draws the guest back.